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How to access more customer service for Gold subscriber?
I just upgraded to a Gold Plan. I'm interested in contacting customer service regarding an issue about sound inputs/outputs not working.  It says Gold and Platinum subscribers can submit a ticket for help at https://jamkazam.freshdesk.com/support/home but you need a login for it. How do you get a login for this web forum freshdesk site? I didn't see an obvious "register" or "sign up" icon on the website.

I tried my login for JamKazam and the JamKazam forum, but neither worked.
Email to support@jamkazam.com currently gets an autoreply including this:
Quote:If you are still in your initial 30-day trial period, or if either a gold or platinum premium subscriber,
please submit your support request here: https://www.jamkazam.com/help_desk
This lets our helpdesk system validate your subscription level and helps us track and respond to all support requests.
That page recognizes the same login credentials as in the JK client app.

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