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JK running on Apple's new M1 processor macs
Hi, I have been running JK successfully on M1 with Focusrite (2i2 original version) since the M1 came out. I also play drums through BFD3 plugin, so I guess I have been lucky on 2 counts. Message me if you need a walkthrough of my setup. Always keen to help others. JK.
Everytime I try to run a session using my M1 Pro Macbook pro - I get crazy input and output latency on my audio device. I've tried multiple devices and it seems like it's the machine causing the issue. My guess would be because it's emulating through Rosetta. Anyone else had any similar issues or able to get things working ok with an M1 pro?
Hi scottfauts,

Yes, i am having the same issues. I have been in a long support thread with JK support as i have a gold member$p. I complained about the issue starting in January after i got my MacBook Pro with M1 processor. Originally support tried to make sure i had all my settings correct. But i have been using JK on my older MacBook with Intel for over a year and getting low latency through the computer.

You are right about Rosetta getting in the way. Support brought up that JK app uses QT multiplatform development environment.

In July 2022 i wrote to JK support that QT current release supports Apple silicon:

So this article at qt.io says QT 6.2 supports QT on Apple Silicon for macOS: https://www.qt.io/blog/qt-on-apple-silicon
QT 6.2 is the latest version: https://www.qt.io/product/qt6/technical-specifications
Any news if JK is being made with QT 6.2?

I got a thanks and that they would pass on to engineering. Two weeks later i checked in to see if any news of using QT 6.2 yet for us Apple Silicon mac users.

Not yet, but I know they are aware of it. It is definitely a problem, and you are not the only one experiencing it.
Thanks for checking.

I keep starting up JK hoping for a message that there is a new version of the app. As a software developer, i'm pretty sure that this would require a push of a new version of the app for Mac, but i've never used QT platform, though i looked at it for a project a bunch of years back before it got as good as it looks now -- would def try QT now if i had some small project.

I struggled with this for MONTHS with my M1 Mac Mini running Monterrey. I feel like the gap in the documentation is that it doesn't make clear that you need to run GarageBand and JamKazam at the same time all the time any time you want to use JamKazam.

For what it's worth, I don't think that's an optimal solution. It seems like a work-around, and probably has something to do with JK attempting to map an input from the default audio device, which is the Mac's internal speaker. It seems like GarageBand creates a state where the mapping is successful, from there you can set up other audio hardware.

You will have to run Garage Band every time you want to start JamKazam.

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