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Distortion in voice chat microphone
I am new to JK.  I am using an iMac running Catalina 10.15.7 and a Behringer UM2 digital interface.  I have a hardwired Ethernet cable to the computer.  The audio from my electric bass guitar though one of the UM2 inputs seems fine in my headphones, but the Voice Chat is highly distorted at a Frame Size setting of 1 where I get the best Latency test result of 8.27 ms.  If I change the Frame Size setting to 2, the distortion largely goes away, but the latency test result increases to 10.27 ms and is labeled as "fair".  I don't want to bother people by jumping into a session and having them get frustrated with me due to having only "fair" latency.  Will this be a problem?  I've tried using a separate microphone plugged into the second channel of the UM2 interface (and adding a second audio interface in JK).  Neither of these configurations eliminates the distorted audio from my voice in the headphones at a Frame Size setting of 1.  Comments most welcome.  Thank you.

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