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View the Feed "Audio did not Start" in session in progress
View the Feed
Use the Feed to check out current and past sessions and session recordings, and listen to current sessions, session in progress---

So I click the play symbol on the green bar session in progress in View the Feed

Bar Displays - Preparing Audio - Still Trying, Hang On

then displays - Audio did not Start

thats' it on all the sessions in progress - Audio did not Start ??

I do a refresh try again and again same message - Audio did not Start on ALL GREEN BAR - Sessions in progress.....

So 'view the feed' is not working for me ? - what's going on ?

thanks Stan from Down Under

Can someone explain this delima ??
I've never gotten that to work, so I'm also curious!
Bumpity -

this feature would be cool if it was fixed!
If this thread applies to the "fan access"... indeed, then it would be cool to have it. Just for some fun for friends in Corona times.

We followed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozKSPBx1z2Y but this lead to the same problems....

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