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Jamkazam not start on Catalina MAC OS

I try to start jamkazam but non running :-(

i have this error before lunch the app:

     Audio.ini configuration update failed (not writable) twice
     Video.ini configuration update failed (not writable)
     Client.ini configuration update failed (not writable)
i am admin user, i uninstalled with appcleaner several times and installed but the error is always the same.
After these error messages it hangs on the screen and no longer responds.
The app is all write permissions and full disk access,
I have read about various problems with Catalina MACOS but I have not found any guide to solve them,
I have tried to search for the facebook plug in files but I have not found any files to eliminate, can someone help you out?
it is a pity not to be able to use such software in a historical moment like this

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