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JamaKazam Will not fully start.
Hello. One of the students at our school has a new MacBook. She installed JamKazam. When she opens the app, it takes a very long time for the app to fully open and when it does there is a box that appears at the top that says "Disconnected from Server, Reconnecting now" or words to that effect. There is another box (I think) at the bottom of the page that just says error.
So far we have tried:
Uninstalling the app, downloading the app again, reinstalling.
Testing both the wired and wired networks to see if that made a difference (the client is using Comcast xFinity)
Followed the directions to make sure no Facebook browser plugins were installed (none were found)
No anti-virus or Malware software has been installed yet.
Checked to see what other applications were running and closed all but essential ones.
Checked to see if the user has admin rights (she does.)

After doing all of these steps, the result is the same. JamKazam comes up very slowly, then when it finally comes up the box that says "Disconnected from Server" appears and no further progress is made. It is a new MacBook Pro. What am I missing? 

Thank you for any assistance in this.
Robert "Lee" Vanarsdall
University of Maryland, College Park
What version of MacOs is she running? If Catalina, did you give JK permission ?

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