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Network settings Route
I know what a peer to peer network is. In the Jamkazam in the Network settings Route menu there are lots of options .
Does anyone know what these different options mean in particular. and how to use them. Or is there a documentation?
Hi Jens , do you figure out the meaning of the different settings ? 

Best regrads Lezard

The available documentation from the JKz team itself is found here:

There doesn't appear to be any description for the network settings you mention, Jens Schumann, at least that I can find, but I share your interest. Lately I have used only the "prefer peer-to-peer path" setting, with all the other settings OFF. This has fixed an issue where my zero Internet latency would suddenly add 10ms then go back to zero. I found this with a test I run frequently, by having two separate windows PCs and two separate JK users on the same network, so peer-to-peer latency should be pretty close to zero normally. My ping time to Comcast is ~10ms and I found the JK client would sporadically add 10 ms to the usual zero. Turning off everything except "prefer peer-to-peer path" fixed that. I hope to soon try to narrow down which of the other setting(s) cause it to do this.
(11-26-2020, 08:58 AM)LezardRiveau Wrote: Hi Jens , do you figure out the meaning of the different settings ? 

Best regrads Lezard
The other network route settings are for use with the new audio relay servers service that JK is going to roll out. For now you might want to stick to the defaults of strictly peer-to-peer. Alternatively you could try the Prefer lowest latency path setting which will cause the client to measure and pick either the peer connection or a connection through the closest relay server to you, whichever has lower latency.
I’m upgrading my Internet service, and my two (same price) options are cable 300 which delivers 300 mbps upload and 100 download or fibre which delivers 300 and 300. Fibre sounds like a better deal but the company that delivers it here in Canada has terrible customer reviews. So I’m wondering how much difference the upload speed will make using jamkazam. I’m inputting to MOTU M4 off USB 2.0 on my iMac.

Any technical people who might answer that for me?

in theory the 300/300 optical service is superior, offering the lowest possible latency. However, that optical (fiber) link will have to be translated to electrical (copper) somewhere along the way, and how that is managed by the ISP can be a total game changer.

Do your homework about that provider, and about fiber optic in general. The best possible way to be connected is what's called "to the premise" which would be right at your house. "To the node" means you might have a significant amount of copper line between you and that node, and you would most likely be sharing the node with other customers in your neighborhood (similar to how cable is delivered.

BTW I think you mean that the cable offering is 300 down/100 up rather than the reverse.

FIW I have cable service here, 200 down/5 up (that's right - 5mb/s) and it works just fine, as long as my wife is not working though her VPN. When we move later this year, I'll have 500/500 fiber optic to the premise, from an ISP that I have great confidence in.

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