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My Mac client makes other Windows clients to crash

After last week updates my friends and I updated our Jamkazam clients to the respective last versions:
for me using Mac is: JamKazam-1.0.3720
for my friends using Windows is: JamKazam-1.0.3881

Whenever I join their sessions all their clients crashes or are not able to see my me as producing any audio, if I create the session I am able to sometimes see some of them (the ones that not crash right after joining) but even when I see / hear them, I appears to be with no audio on their ends.

I notice that the client versions have different numbers... maybe the Mac version will be updated soon and I just need to wait? Does this happen to anybody else?
JamKazam forced us to perform an upgrade of the software, but after the upgrade finished, it seems that we all go the same software version as before?  That was weird. 
In any case, initial quick tests seemed successful.  We didn't experience the crash. More test/updates will come on the weekend.

The issue seems solved after the last update from couple days ago, version numbers are still the same but there wasn't any crash from the windows client while being in the same session with me using the mac client.

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