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Recording discarded - reason: rest
Hi, I'm trying to get off first base with this program and audio record myself playing guitar in a solo session. After I end the recording I get a pop-up saying "Recording discarded. Reason: Rest". What does that mean and how to I fix it?

I'm using the my default audio and video profile on a macbook pro in-built isight camera. Mac OSX 10.11.6, latest version of Jamkazam app. Macbook is an older one, connected to router via ethernet cable. Ping 11ms Down 25Mbps Up 4Mbps.

This setup isn't allowing me to jam with others as Jamkazam is telling me I need additional audio gear (even though I meet the basic system requirements?). 

I just want to see if this software is going to work for me at all before I go buying additional audio gear as I want to jam with people in another part of the country. How can I get it to record and then go on to test my network, router etc. in a jam session with this default audio gear?

Also a help file with the router settings would be useful. I understand that UDP forwarding needs to be enabled? My ISP controls my router (this HuaWei is not user-configurable) so I need to give the ISP instructions on what I need.

Any help in getting started would be appreciated Smile

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