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Jamkazam keeps asking to reload app on Mac OSX
(09-15-2020, 11:06 PM)Richard Head Wrote: Well ....Jamkazam is just not going to work for this partner$p I am sorry to say.  I sent the info about the computer asking to be able to control for his mic etc.  and this is the response I got from Gene:

"I was able to get my interface and video working. I was getting ready to record a session when my computer's security warned me that "Jamkazam would like to take control of your computer. Allow/Decline". I declined and the message popped up 2 more times. I had previously allowed Jamkazam access to my mic and changed the audio input/output to my interface. There was something suspicious going on. As I said before, I'm not allowing any outsider to take control of my computer."

So I will just need to move on and see if I can find someone else that I am interested in working with that is amicable to using Jamkazam. 

On that note, while jamming has a little interest to me my main reason for Jamkazam is music collaboration.  I wish Jamkazam had more of an emphasis like Bandmix where folks are actually searching for other like minded musicians for collaboration.  The musician search on Jamkazam is practically unusable in my opinion.
Well, like you're saying yourself "like Bandmix" - there are other programs/apps/platforms that will give you this functionality. JamKazam was not setup to do that. There is a JKZ FB-group where collabs are searched/setup and get-togethers are scheduled. You could give that a try.

And for your friend - there is absolutely nothing "suspicious" about an app/program needing to 'control your computer'. Practically any piece of software you use/install does that (but most just don't boast it). It's either that or you won't be able to use the software ... .
Richard, thanks for the update.. and forwarding the message..

This one statement stands out as a gross misunderstanding and exaggeration ,"There was something suspicious going on. As I said before, I'm not allowing any outsider to take control of my computer."

Welcome to OS X - at least the later versions where Apple gives its user's awareness and control to make a decision at the user level to allow, or not. It really comes down to understanding and trusting the application developer. I've been using an IP Sniffer for over 20 years to control both inbound and outbound services.

Maybe he'll come around the more he learns how this is how things work today, and it's okay. The video camera piece I can appreciate and many folks have something over their video lens. I have an older mac mini and keep my usb video camera unplugged until i need it.

This is interesting, there's another post that looks similar to how this started.

Yes on all this. But to Dimitri ....the reason for a better Musician search on Jamkazam itself ....is the very circumstance that I am already experiencing. Finding someone I have an interest in working with on Bandmix, then trying to get that person over the hurdles of Jamkazam. If Jamkazam had that kind of functionality , then the hurdle of willingness and technical savy regarding Jamkazam is gone. It also could be another source of revenue for Jamkazam. There are a lot of musicians paying for Premium member$p on Bandmix. Mmmm ....how about a merger!
One thing that would help those who want regular, collaborative sessions, with the same people would be that listing your location is mandatory. No location, no login or account creation.
Using Line 6 Helix or Roland Session Mixer as audio interface

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