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installing on 2nd device, moving jamtracks with it?
I've just signed up for JamKazam today.

To check it out initially I installed the app on my laptop (MacBook Pro) and downloaded my free JamTrack.

But I actually have my nice audio interface etc on a different computer (an iMac).  I guess I can log in there and install the software, but will it bring that Free JamTrack along with it or can I copy it over somehow, or do I have to buy a 2nd copy or ... ?

I've been a skeptic of this whole "jamming together on the internet" idea but some friends from where I take guitar lessons are using it so it can't hurt to give it a try.

Perhaps someone who knows more will chime in. I don't know because I did not download the free one. but reading something on the JK site implies it may be accessible from your other computer as well. It makes me think it's centralized to your profile and will follow you to your different devices


Your ending comment may be your best advice, "it can't hurt to give it a try."

It it doesn't show on the other Mac, maybe it's a matter of moving the file over to the other Mac, to the right location.

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