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Can't make it work in Windows
(07-19-2020, 04:45 PM)André Luis Fujiwara Wrote: I'm having troubles when configuring the audio input/output in jamkazam. It worked fine in my two (very old) Macs, but it just don't work in my bandmates' Windows PCs. I tried it in four different computers, all of them with JamKazam's system requeriments. And I also tried all of them with different interfaces (iMic, Line6 KB37, MX-4BT), as well as the computers mic inputs. I keep receiving an Invalid Audio Device message and a warning about a difference in the sample rate of my input and the one selected in Jamkazam. I tried to change this in Jamkazam's sample rate box, I tried to change it in the computers' audio control panel and it just don't work. Can you help me?
Somehow you've picked some pretty unusual audio interface devices to try with Jamkazam. I had to look each of these up and hadn't heard of any of them. I can only surmise that each of them has poorly written ASIO device drivers (or perhaps no specific Windows driver).
Did you look in the recommended interface list found on this forum to see the usability status of those devices?

The message you referenced indicates that the devices you tried have poor audio latency, usually caused by poor or no ASIO driver support.

In any event, try one that we know works fine like a MOTU M2 or a PROSONUS 96 USB.

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