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what are the critical parameter adjustments
I was trying to methodically change settings to optimize my latency and jitter but the variability muddies everything.  Can someone tell me what variables are the most critical for reducing latency and jitter.  I'm on a Mac so looking at the Audio Booster settings, I assume Frame Size is most important but after that which of the following should be tweaked next:
   Outgoing Audio Bitrate
   Network Packet Rate
Should the Auto Throttles be on?
Is there a trade off on optimizing latency versus jitter?

Was wondering about this same question too. I've noticed that the sound quality degrades significantly when "auto-throttle" is on. I didn't know it was on until yesterday. Before this, I had the bitrate and packet settings to their lowest rate. When I turned off auto-throttle, I could no longer adjust the audio and network packet bitrates.
User name: Rullian X-1

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