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Crackling Sound
I'm jamming with a lead guitarist.  Our internet connection and very low latency is great however when he plays his lead guitar, I hear crackling sound on my end but he doesn't hear it on his end. Help?
I've got what I think is the same problem. Have been trying all sorts of combinations in the settings without success. It does seem to be worse on longer notes, and also seems worse at a higher sample rate (just tried increasing it but now back to 44.1). I think there is a clue in that the .ogg files I get afterwards if we record it are all undistorted , whereas the crackling is apparent on the .wav files. Sorry that won't help probably, but I would love to know if there is a way to fix this.
It is surely interesting with that difference in the ogg files and the wav files.

I have encountered it myself - but I can not understand/explain it

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