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Microsoft Surface Pro 7 audio gear setup
(07-12-2020, 11:12 PM)sharonleef@aol.com Wrote: I tried a number of different things to get JamKazam to work with my Surface (audio interface, external mic, various settings) then tried my husband's Dell laptop.  Went from getting booted out of sessions every 10-15 minutes to two hours of play with my friend with no ejections and no error messages.  I think you should try to find a different computer.
Nah.... Not been my experience. I'm using a low-end Surface Go with Jamkazam and it works just fine.
The key is usually NOT the hardware but rather the tuning that gets the hardware prepared to handle realtime audio.

Read and follow the recommendations in the Glitchfree document posted on several threads here and run the free LatencyMon tool to see how your particular Windows machine is performing.

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