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Live Tracks labels
I set up my audio gear (Mackie Onyx 1640i digital mixer) with several tracks in the account window, labeling each channel with the corresponding instrument. But in the session window, some of the instrument channels are labeled incorrectly, i.e., the bass and one vocal channel are switched, the drum mic is labeled bass. I traced each channel to the board and it's all correct, and shows correctly in the account window, but not in the sessions. Any solutions? Thanks
I had a similar problem, where my Audio profile looked right but the session track list was not. the keyboard and vocal were flipped, and therefore my reverb plugin was applied to the keyboard track with nothing on the vocal. This happened after the last update.

I deleted all my audio profiles then re-created them, and it's been fine since. Also got my MIDI track to work for the first time....

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