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Ethernet and Thunderbolt
I have a mediocre DSL connection: ~8 Mbps download, ~1 Mbps upload and typically ping of 30-40 ms.
My Ethernet connection to a 2017 MacBook Air is via a USB 3 to Ethernet. 
Does anyone know if I could expect any better results if I bought a Thunderbolt-to-Ethernet adapter?
if you are implying you currently do not connect via Ethernet to your router/modem, yes.. it will make a difference overall with any of your internet apps. TB Adapters and Ethernet cable is inexpensive these days compared to years ago.

If you are also asking, will it be worth it for JK? if it were me, and I could afford it, i would do it anyway. Yes you will still experience JK performance issues however, a majority of latency is controlled with your setup. Get wired!
> implying you currently do not connect via Ethernet to your router/modem

I'm not sure I understand you.... I have Ethernet cable running from my router to where my MacBook Air is, but since the MacBook has no Ethernet port, I plug the Ethernet cable into an adapter, which I then plug into the Mac's USB 3.0 port. Do you think I'd get better results if I bought an Ethernet-to-Thunderbolt adapter so that I could plug the Ethernet cable into the Macbook's Thunderbolt port?
That's a good question.  I use an Ethernet to thunberbolt adapter and it works well.  But I've never used a usb3 adapter before so I can't say if it's better or worse. I'm thinking when it comes to macs I would always go the thunderbolt route. But who knows.  Maybe you could get it, try it and if it's works better let us know if it doesn't...still let us know and return it?
Werner, I apologize and now i understand. i believe the USB3 is giving you sufficient speed, especially for your DSL.

What are you thoughts on how your JK performance is with the current connection type?

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