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List of Audio Interfaces
Thanks for the info, Doug! I've update the list to include this information.
Hi All new here, thanks for the work to keep this updated.

I started on my Zoom R8 recorder and could not get better than 55ms

Then I rented a Presonus Studio 2|6 and was able to get 4.4ms

Now I just got the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd gen. On that one I get unknown latency during the setup hase, but once in a session it shows 0ms. Not sure I trust that.

Does anyone know a way to get the Scarlett 2i2 working properly?

All above were on Windows 10
Zoom B2.1u bass effects pedal with usb interface (discontinued) - bass input, usb and headphones/speaker output
- no mic input - have to use computer mic as separate chat device (but shows as high latency and auto volume level is too low for others to hear me well.)
- installs on PC no problem with a WDM driver but below 10ms frame rate in a session jitter is red and bass notes are vibrating
- at 10ms frame rate there is too much delay to play with others
- had problems with others hearing me and recording in a solo test session even though it passed all tests and sounded good to me
- WDM driver is shown amber as problematic
- ASIO driver from Zoom https://www.zoom.co.jp/products/bass/b21...#downloads looks OK until crashes JK when testing audio gear setup.
- Get further with ASIO4all driver but haven't found a stable setup yet - get what appears to work with 2.5 frame rate and low jitter but experiencing interference and crashes
- Accidentally deleted my best setup (even tho' it was buggy) and can't find it again - very frustrating.
Had best results just using a mic in front of my bass amp speaker (and same mic for chat), thought I should have been able to plug the headphones output from my bass amp speaker into my PC mic input but some imbalances of input output sample rates or something stops it working.

Ordered a Steinberg UR22C audio interface and will report back on that in due course 
Older Presonus interface Audiobox 22VSL works just fine, I have been using mine for several weeks.
I have tried three set up so far

Focusrite 4i4 3rd Gen on a Windows 10 machine. I tried successfully before at 48kHz but have subsequently set it up at 96kHz with 1ms Frame rate and 128k/Bit/sec in Audio Booster and getting latency between 2.9ms and 3.9ms - Focusrite 4i4 3rd Gen 
But I have no idea whether I shoujld be using 96kHz or not. But it seems ok

Zoom H2 (ancient!) with an ASIO driver. These are the settings Zoom H2 Latency 7.5ms but a bit on the jittery side. Sound breaks up when recording. The recording sounds ok after but the crackling is not good until Frame size reached 10ms

Zoom H2n WDM driver I think. I set this up for a friend as a test over the phone and we did manage a song or two but quite a lot of latency. Went through the tests with no tweaking to speak of

M-Audio M-Track set at 48kHz on same windows 10 machine and following settings giving latency of 9.6ms. Main problem with the M-Audio being I can't decrease the Buffer Size below 128. Jitter goes from Green to Yellow and flashes of Red. But it works ok M-Audio M-Track
Mark - Thanks for the info! I’ve added the Zoom R8 to the “working, but not well” category in the list, and the PreSonus Studio 2}6 in the “Confirmed working with JamKazam” section. There have been folks that have reported successfully using the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd generation interface with JamKazam. Which generation is yours? If it’s not a first generation, and you’re on a Mac, Check this post for a Mac-only driver download to reduce interface latency. From the Focusrite site: "Please note this Focusrite Low Latency installer is not supported for use with Scarlett 1st Gen interfaces and may prevent them from functioning properly.”

Colin - thanks for this info!  I’ve added the Zoom B2.1u to the “working, but not working well”, and good luck with the UR22C (which is currently in the “mentioned, but not working” category in the list).

ucnick - thank you for the info!  I’ve added the Audiobox 22VSL to the list in the “Confirmed working with JamKazam” category in the list.

Nick - thanks for the info!  I’ve moved the 4i4 3rd gen to the “confirmed working with JamKazam section and added the info.  This was helpful to another user who sent me a PM, so I sent her a link here, and she may post.
(04-05-2020, 03:27 AM)kkriner@gmail.com Wrote: Hi, all! I've gone through all the forum posts so far and compiled a list of audio interfaces for our use.

They're split into 4 categories:

  1. Audio Interfaces Confirmed Working With JamKazam
  2. Audio Interfaces Confirmed Working With JamKazam, But Not Working Well
  3. Audio Interfaces Confirmed NOT Working With JamKazam
  4. Audio Interfaces Mentioned, But Not Yet Determined If Working With JamKazam
If you're using another interface, or if you're using one on this list that falls in a different category (such as Mentioned..., and you have it Working...), let me know, and I'll update. I'm not sure if others can update this post or not, but feel free to message me or post a reply here, and I'll update it. I've included links to product pages where enough information has been provided in the post, and a product page still exists. I've also noted if the audio interface has been discontinued.

JamKazam admin, LMK if there's a better way to do this, or a better place to put it.

Thanks, all, for providing info on your experiences with these audio interfaces, and may your latency while jamming ever be low!  ;-)

Current Versions of JamKazam clients (as of 2020-04-20)
Mac: Build 1.20 - "1.0.3657"
Windows: Build 1.20 - "1.0.3657"

Note for Focusrite Mac users: Check this post for a Mac-only driver download to reduce interface latency. From the Focusrite site: "Please note this Focusrite Low Latency installer is not supported for use with Scarlett 1st Gen interfaces and may prevent them from functioning properly."

Audio Interfaces Confirmed Working With JamKazam

  1. Behringer U-PHORIA UMC202HD
  2. Behringer U-PHORIA UMC202 (product has been discontinued) JamKazam has “in the past generally suggested a UMC202; it's modern, modern drivers, and at the most aggressive ASIO settings, it does decently (and is not too expensive).
  3. MOTU M4 on macOS Catalina 10.15.4, JamKazam Mac Client Build 1.20 - "1.0.3657"
  4. PreSonus AudioBox iTwo
  5. PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL (product has been discontinued)
  6. Keith McMillen K-Mix
  7. Focusrite Scarlett Solo (3rd Generation)
  8. Behringer Xenyx 302USB
  9. SoundDevices USBPre (product has been discontinued)
  10. Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 (generation not specified)
  11. Zoom H6 (product has been discontinued)
  12. Behringer X18 on macOS and Windows 10 (ASIO driver)
  13. Behringer Xenyx X1204USB
  14. Behringer U-PHORIA 404HD
  15. M-Audio Delta 1010 (product has been discontinued) on Windows 10
  16. Behringer FCA1616
  17. Avid/Digidesign 192 I/O (product has been discontinued) on macOS 10.8.5
  18. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (3rd Generation) on macOS (version not specified), problems on Windows (version not specified)
  19. Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 (1st generation) (product has been discontinued) on macOS(version not specified) and Windows 10
  20. Behringer U-PHORIA UM2 (OS not specified)
  21. Steinberg UR22mkII on Windows 10
  22. MOTU Traveler (1st Generation) (FW400) (product has been discontinued) on macOS 10.13.6
  23. Line 6 HX Stomp (USB2.0) on macOS 10.13.6
  24. Zoom Q2n-4K (USB2.0) on macOS 10.13.6
  25. Alesis iO4 (product has been discontinued) on macOS (version not specified), also in Windows 10, but it comes into Reaper using ASIO4ALL, then over to JamKazam and back with ReaRoute.
  26. Line6 Helix Floor
  27. Fractal Audio Systems Axe-Fx III on Windows 10 using Fractal's "FASUSBAudio" driver v4.82.0 (ASIO)
  28. Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 (2nd generation) on macOS Catalina Version 10.15.4 and Windows 10
  29. Apogee Digital Duet (firewire) on macOS Catalina
  30. RME Fireface UC on macOS Catalina and JamKazam Build 1.20 - "1.0.3640"
  31. Mackie DL32S (OS not specified)
  32. Berhringer X1222USB working on Windows 10 Pro and working on macOS 10.8.5 with a latency of 8.79 ms on Mac Jamkazam client Build 1.20 - "1.0.3640"
  33. UA Apollo Twin MKII with 11.4 ms latency (OS not specified)
  34. Zoom F8 on Windows 10
  35. M-Audio Fast Track Pro on Windows 10 (product has been discontinued)
  36. Audient ID4 on macOS Mojave
  37. Line6 POD xt on Windows (OS version not specified)(product has been discontinued)
  38. Line6 Pod Studio UX1 on macOS Catalina 10.15.4 on JamKazam Mac client Build 1.20 - "1.0.3657" and on Windows Pro 64
  39. Apogee Digital One on macOS Catalina 10.15.4 JamKazam Mac client Build 1.20 - "1.0.3657”
  40. MOTU M2 (OS not specified) (JamKazam version not specified)
  41. Allen & Heath Qu-SB on macOS Catalina 10.15.3 (JamKazam client version not specified)
  42. Boss GT-1 on Windows 10 (chat using a Blue Snowball).
  43. Zoom B2 on Windows 10 (ASIO4ALL driver)
  44. PreSonus AR8 USB (Assuming Windows, as ASIO driver is mentioned) (JamKazam version not specified)
  45. PreSonus AR12 USB (Assuming Windows, as ASIO driver is mentioned) (JamKazam version not specified)
  46. Behringer XR18 on macOS (OS version not specified) (JamKazam version not specified)
  47. Behringer X32 Rack on macOS Catalina 10.15.4 (JamKazam version not specified)
  48. Focusrite Clarett 8PreX (Thunderbolt) -- on Mac macOS (OS version not specified), latency 3.4 ms (1ms frame size) in JamKazam
  49. Resident Audio T2 (Thunderbolt) -- on Mac macOS (OS version not specified), latency 2.0 ms (1ms frame size) in JamKazam
  50. Resident Audio T4 (Thunderbolt) -- on Mac macOS (OS version not specified), latency 2.0 ms (1ms frame size) in JamKazam
  51. MIDAS MR18 on Mac OS X.14 (mojave) and latest build (4/4/2020) JamKazam Mac client build 1.20 "1.0.3657"
  52. Roland Octa-Capture on Windows 10 and MacOS Sierra
  53. Audiobox USB (OS and version not specified) (product has been discontinued)
  54. M-Audio Delta 1010 (breakout box version) on Windows 10, latency of 4.3 ms
  55. Behringer FCA1616 (firewire) (OS and version not specified)
  56. Avid Digidesign 192 I/O on MacOS 10.8.5, latency of 2.9ms
  57. Apogee Digital Quartet on Windows 10 using ASIO driver
  58. Steinberg UR22 (product has been discontinued) on macOS High Sierra 10.13.6
  59. Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 on macOS High Sierra (OS version not specified)
  60. RME Fireface UFX+ on Window 10 (ultimate performance enabled)
  61. Zoom R24 on macOS Yosemite (OS version not specified), 13-18 ms latency - post here.
  62. RME Fireface 800 on Mac os10.10 (via firewire 800 connection) (product has been discontinued) Interface latency: 8.6, Jitter (in/out): Fluctuating between 0 and .5 ms (average around .3-.4ms), Frame size: 2.5
  63. Behringer U-PHORIA UMC204HD with native ASIO driver recommended by Peter Walker of JamKazam
  64. PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2 (product has been discontinued) on macOS Mojave 10.14.6 
  65. M-Audio M-Track on macOS Mojave 10.14.6 and on Windows 10
  66. Roland Studio-Capture on Windows 10 (JamKazam version not specified).
  67. PreSonus Studio 68c (OS and version not specified) (JamKazam version not specified)
  68. PreSonus Studio 2 | 6 on Windows 10 (JamKazam version not specified)
  69. PreSonus Audiobox 22VSL (product has been discontinued) (OS and version not specified)
Audio Interfaces Confirmed Working With JamKazam, But Not Working Well

  1. IK Multimedia iRig HD 2 (high latency and/or audible whine)
  2. Digitech RP255 (Delay in chat)
  3. Alesis Multimix 16 Firewire on macOS (version not specified)
  4. Steinberg CI1 (product has been discontinued) (high latency - post here)
  5. Apogee Digital Jam (1st generation) (post here)
  6. Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 (1st Generation) (OS not specified) high latency - post here 
  7. Presonus AudioBox iOne on Windows 10 64-bit, JK Build 1.20 - "1.0.3657" posts here and here
  8. Presonus StudioLive 24R (OS not specified, but assuming Windows given discussion about driver - post here)
  9. Mackie DL32R (macOS - some distortion - post here)
  10. MOTU Microbook on macOS High Sierra, mac JamKazam client Buidl 1.20 - "1.0.3657" (working to find out how to turn off direct monitoring - post here)
  11. Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 (1st Generation) (product has been discontinued)
  12. PreSonus FP-10 (formerly FirePod) on macOS Mojave 10.14.6, Jamkazam mac client build 120 "1.0.3657" - audio loss
  13. PreSonus Studio24c on Windows 10, Ultimate Performance Enabled, JK Build 1.20 - "1.0.3657", post here
  14. M-Audio AIR 192 | 4 (link to mentioning thread)
  15. M-Audio AIR 192 | 6  
  16. Zoom R8 on Windows 10 - couldn't get better then 55 ms latency
  17. Zoom B2.1u (product has been discontinued) on Windows (OS version not specified), USB connection
  18. Zoom H2 Handy Recorder (product has been discontinued) on Windows 10 - tried ASIO driver (Latency 7.5ms but a bit on the jittery side. Sound breaks up when recording) and WDM driver (quite a lot of latency)
Audio Interfaces Confirmed NOT Working With JamKazam
  1. Behringer U-PHORIA UCA 202
  2. Digidesign Mbox2 Mini
  3. Creative Labs USB Sound Blaster
  4. Focusrite Scarlett 8i8 (generation not specified)
Audio Interfaces Mentioned, But Not Yet Determined If Working With JamKazam

  1. PreSonus AudioBox 44VSL (product has been discontinued)
  2. UA Apollo Firewire
  3. Zoom G5 (product has been discontinued)
  4. M-Audio Delta 44 (product has been discontinued)
  5. SoundDevices MixPre- 6 (product has been discontinued)
  6. PreSonus AudioBox USB 96
  7. M-Audio Fast Track Ultra 8R (product has been discontinued)
  8. Zoom UAC-2
  9. HeadRush Pedalboard
  10. Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 (2nd generation) (product has been discontinued)
  11. PreSonus StudioLive 16.4.2 (product has been discontinued)
  12. M-Audio Fast Track (product has been discontinued)
  13. Audient iD4
  14. UA Apollo 8p
  15. Behringer U-PHORIA UMC204 (product has been discontinued) on macOS (version not specified) and Windows 10
  16. Bose T4S ToneMatch on Windows 10
  17. Blue Snowball (USB Microphone)
  18. Roland HS-5 Session Mixer
  19. Allen & Heath ZEDi10FX on Windows 10
  20. Zoom Livetrak L-12 on Windows (OS version not specified)
  21. Zoom U-22 on Windows (OS version not specified)
  22. Tascam US-1200 on Windows (product has been discontinued in North, Central and South America) (OS version not specified)
  23. Fender Mustang II V2 (OS not specified) (product has been discontinued)
  24. Lexicon Lambda (OS not specified) (product has been discontinued)
  25. Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 on Windows 7
  26. Tascam US-800 (OS and version not specified) (product has been discontinued in North, Central and South America)
  27. ESI UGM96 (product has been discontinued)
  28. Ashdown Engineering MiBass 220 (product has been discontinued)
  29. Steinberg UR22C 
  30. Soundcraft UI24r
  31. PreSonus FireStudio (OS and version not specified) (product has been discontinued)
  32. Akai EIE

Thanks, Kevin - new to JamKazam and the forum. Any guidance for specific interface for Roland TD-25KV drums, using Macbook/Mac OS?
(04-05-2020, 03:27 AM)kkriner@gmail.com Wrote: Great list! I could be blind so correct me if Im wrong but I was wondering if anyone has used the Native Instruments Komplete Audio 1 here in JK?Thanks!
I'm new to JamKazam and haven't done much trouble shooting yet but I have not been able to launch JamKazam with my TC Studio Konnekt48 (firewire interface). I'm using Windows 10 (x64). I have a separate thread asking for some help to get it working. That thread has an image of the error message. If I can get it to work, I'll report back.
Hi to all.

I wanted to add that I am not having any issues with my IK Multimedia Axe I/O works great

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