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Beta? Yes please.
That is correct.
When you set up your own session you have the choice to change your VIDEO SETTINGS from 'Standard' to 'Beta' in the drop-down menu. Anybody who joins your session will also be on 'Beta'.
However, if you join a session created by somebody else and the video setting is 'Standard' you cannot change it.
This is only possible for the session creator.
You only have to change it once and it will always be 'Beta' when you create a session.

Beta works great, no distortion, no crackling. We have cameras rolling thru the whole session without any issues.
The video layout is a bit different and you will have to 'enter the room' in order to see the others. It is a separate session, video only - running parallel to the JK audio.
There is - like always and on all other applications worldwide - a bit latency in the video.
Stay safe!

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