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[solved] 2-Channel interface and only 1 Channel in Session
Dear Jammers!

Maybe its a stupid question für you, but I am new in JK and fiddling a while to get a proper result.

For testing I ordered a relatively cheap interface "Miditech AudioLink Light" which has 2 Channels: 1 Mic, 1 Instrument.
It comes with its own ASIO driver.

Basically it works so far: 
Under the "Select & Test Audio Gear" menu all seems ok.
I hear my voice on the left and my Guitar on the right channel on the headphones (direct monitoring is off!).
Latency is 7.85ms  which should  work (See screenshot below)

When I start a Solo session with this config I only hear the Mic-Channel  on both headphone sides, guitar is not hearable.

I would really appreciate if you could help Heart
Cheers from Cologne, Germany

[Image: JK-Setup.jpg]

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[solved] 2-Channel interface and only 1 Channel in Session - by Andreas - 05-05-2020, 04:58 PM

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