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Pairing options missing from the Manage menu after APril 26, 2020 Windows update
(06-24-2020, 01:15 AM)DC1 Wrote:
(06-19-2020, 07:43 PM)DC1 Wrote:
(06-18-2020, 10:29 PM)Hermeto fan Wrote: You don't need to use a USB cable in my experience. Have "toggle pairing capability" checked on the first pairing menu. Then select "pairing candidates" and in the next menu you should see your jamblaster listed for you to select. That's how I got mine working anyway. Good luck!
Thanks for the reply.
I have the pairing capability checked, but the Jamblaster is not being detected in the pairing candidates.  Which is weird, since my router sees it, and when I enter that IP address in a web browser, it reports back "It Works!".  In other words, access is not blocked from my computer.  I tried direct connect with that IP address, but I don't know what the port number to use.  Everything I tried times out.  I bought the JB used and have never got it running on my system.  I'm guessing that it stored some configuration info from the previous owner, that is different from my setup, and it is not auto-detecting like it does with other people (remembers their previous working setup).  Could also be some port blocking that Win 10 is secretly doing.
I still don't have it working.  Installed Bonjour browser, so I know my PC sees the JamBlaster as a Bonjour (zero-configuration LAN) client, but JamKazam doesn't see it as a pairing candidate.  JamKazam revised their software, which got rid of Bonjour altogether (according to the release notes), which killed JamBlaster pairing, but they just rolled back to the previous revision.  I have pairing menus back, but the JamBlaster is still not detected by JamKazam.  Maybe I'm close to getting this working?  I could be stuck in a loop though, if I can't factory reset the JamBlaster without pairing, and can't pair without knowing the port that it assigned to.
Tried the USB cable, but as Hermeto_fan stated, didn't seem to do anything.

Latest JamKazam update broke Pairing again.

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