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Anyone using a headset with mac built-in jack?
(04-07-2020, 04:45 PM)leemurray Wrote: Anybody had any luck using the built-in audio jack on a mac? Or using some kind of USB adapter with a 3.5mm combo headphones/mic jack?

Yeah, that’s how I have had success chatting, and monitoring. I’ve been a few sessions where I thought it worked pretty good on my 2012? Mac Book air laptop. 

I could never get a usb mic to work very well. I don’t have an audio interface unit...yet... I play my bass through a USB Ubisoft real tone cable. And so, I needed a chat and monitor solution. My workaround was the old white apple headphones and mic into the headphone port.  You know the old ones that used to come with early iPhones? 4 poles on a 3.5mm mini cable. They seemed decent, but short in cable length. 

That setup worked, so I switched to a gaming headset with built in mic. Now I’m waiting on some extension cables because I feel a little claustrophobic being tethered to a 30” leash. 

Anyway, on my end the tone seems good, and monitors fine.  I’m not really a vocalist so chat seems OK. My internal latency is 11ms, and from Colorado I have managed to reach Sacramento and parts of Kansas with good enough results. 

Moose Hofer

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