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Mesh network didn't help with internet latency
(06-04-2021, 02:49 AM)backinterrapin Wrote: Hi All,

Just got a friend up and running on JK. They are in San Fransisco area. I'm in Boston MA area. In a session with friend in SF, and another friend in NY city area, SF internet latency was 70ms, and with NY internet latency was 10ms. 

SF friend was on free account so we encouraged them to go to paid plan to get the mesh network. They left the session, paid for gold plan, restarted JK, joined the session and their internet latency was still 70ms. 

At one point i had seen the name of the backbone low latency network service that JK is using, but i can't find the name again. I know at the time i had found it that the service had entry points in NY city and SF. Does anyone know the name of the service?

Also, does anyone know what could be happening that the mesh network on the gold plan didn't do anything to reduce the internet latency for my friend in SF 3,000 miles away?

Unfortunately there isn't any offering from JK that provides for lower latency than your existing connection provides. They have a dedicated server arrangement that can lower the bandwidth used in your seasons but doesn't provide any magic bullet regarding latency. Trying to play with others who are thousands of miles away will likely be an exercise in frustration, especially if one of your players is a drummer.

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