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"enough bandwidth to send you a degraded, but sufficient, audio stream."
(03-11-2021, 05:57 PM)ellis@hillinger.org Wrote: Thank you for that Zlartibartfast.  As a former network engineer I understand what you're talking about, but my question is more specific.  Absent latency and jitter issues (those show up elsewhere in the diagnostics) JK is saying the bandwidth is insufficient, even during an idle session.  What is JK looking at and what does it deem to be sufficient bandwidth?
Internet capability to handle real time audio data to and from multiple clients in a timely manner (20 msecs or less) is difficult to obtain and even more difficult to predict. When you add the inherently poor capabilities found in most home routers and the lack of default audio processing capabilities in Windows systems you're asking for a frustrating and hard to diagnose problem. Our band has experienced all of these issues over the last year using Jamkazam and finally threw in the towel. While we fixed our router issues, our audio interface and Windows issues, we couldn't overcome the high latency routes between our multiple ISPs, even though we were geographically close to each other. It's a daunting challenge which gets in the way of doing what we started out to do - enjoy playing music together.

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