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JK crashes with EventID 1000
Made some progress. On my main jamkazam laptop, uninstalling the Windows feature update 20H2 seems to have made JK stable now.

On my spare laptop, a new Dell, JK would still crash every 10 minutes or so even after removing the windows feature update.  The problem seems to be related to trying to use built in audio instead of a true interface.  Not surprising, but I only test JK on this laptop so if it crashes occasionally it isn't that big a deal.
The Realtek audio has what it calls an ASIO "driver" and it generates these errors:

"Audio IO callback interval is unstable
Expected 2.50. Actual median: 3.93 var: 1.91 - off by 57.32"
2021-01-31 06:36:36.551 "Audio IO callback interval is unstable. Expected 2.50. Actual median: 3.96 var: 1.92 - off by 58.33"
Using Line 6 Helix or Roland Session Mixer as audio interface

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