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new MacBook - JK does not detect any webcams - yikes
(01-09-2021, 10:24 PM)GDJ Wrote: I'm not part of JK support. I'm just a friendly (hopefully) volunteer moderator at times.

I get what you're saying. Perhaps the application can be improved with anticipated alerts and differently worded dialogs. I share many of the 'wouldn't it be nice' suggestions and recommendations.

My personal opinion is, given the biggest priorities have been with the infrastructure and revenue to keep things going, application bells and whistles are likely to be low priority and sometimes non intuitive.  The reality is, the burden is on us user's to figure things out because there is no document or video for it.

With that said, I'm not suggesting we read and review every help document there is because I know for me, I want to get in a session and play!

Unaware how long you've been using JK, the switch to 'plans', is very recent and new as of Jan 2021. Many folks have used the video free, since April 2020 before the plan change. I have used it on occasion but personally don't have a need for it.

You should review the Free plan details and you will see it shows, no video. The gold plan has been a great fit for me.

If part of your greater point is, some limited Video should be available with Free to help with your decision, i recommend you email support about it. Perhaps. I agree, It would be nice to at least see if helps you make the appropriate plan choice.

Or send directly to: support@Jamkazam.com

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