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JK keeps resetting Presonus buffer size to 16
(12-29-2020, 06:35 PM)SammerJammer Wrote:
(12-29-2020, 05:55 PM)Terles Wrote:
(12-19-2020, 04:29 AM)SammerJammer Wrote: Two different computers/audio-interfaces with the same problem.

1. Windows 7-64bit with Presonus USB 96
2. Windows 8.1 64-biti with Presonus Studio 26c

Using the Presonus ASIO control program called Universal Control (UC) I set the block size (Presonus's term for buffer size) to 128 (or 256, or whatever).

As soon as I go into JK and start/enter a session the block size is reset to 16. 16 is too small for good audio performance.

I tried to downgrade the Presonus Universal Control and driver to an earlier version but the later one won't uninstall completely - it looks like it uninstalled but when I then install and older version and start it and check the "about" is still lists the later version and the begavior hasn't changed.

I 'could' rewind Windows back to a pristine state (though I'd lose some stuff) and then install the older program and driver (which I believe worked correctly with JK) but I'd like to not have to do this.

I don't understand why JK keeps resetting the block(buffer) size.

Any ideas?

One person's workaround solution here...
First off - this is a mistake by JK. I understand their 'utopian' vision where the program will do everything for you but unfortunately this one misses the mark and the lowest latency often results in inconsistent or unacceptable audio quality. I shouldn't have to try all these crazy workaounds.

I have tried this exact workaround with 3 different DAWs. JK still resets the buffers. I have not yet tried Ableton Live. I shouldn't have to do this and will probably not. What should happen: JK should look at this issue, satisfy themselves that it is problematic for some users, and correct it. All other software and streaming platforms I have tried work with ASIO as expected and JK should as well. PreSonus and Behringer and Focusrite sell thousands and thousands of devices - JK should do what it can to give owners of these devices satisfactory service.

Even an option like would be good:
[] Use your preferred buffer size (may not result in lowest possible latency)
[] Let JamKazam select optimal buffer size (may result in audio degradation)

Sonobus queries the device for available buffer sizes and offers a dropdown to select the one you want. Latency is constantly displayed so you can both see the latency effect and hear the audio quality of your selection. JK could do the same thing - i.e. display avaiilable buffer sizes and allow user to select.
I had something like this happen, but in reverse.  I actually found the ONLY way to get my buffer size to "stick" (at 16, which I was trying for), was to set the frame size to 2.5, with a sample rate at 64000.  Anywhere else and it would reset it back to 128 or another value.  Afterwards, while in a session, I was able to reset the frame size back to 1 msec  and the buffer size stayed at 16 - go figure!  I think that the secret is first finding a frame size & sample rate combo  that allows JK to keep whatever buffer size you set, then adjusting frame size afterwards.  I know it's a trial and error method, & it took me a while to go through all combinations of sample rates & frame sizes (well. I only used 48000 & 96000 sample rates, and 1, 2, 2.5. 5. & 10 msec frame sizes) to find the spot where the buffer size would stick.    Another idea to try, while doing your audio set-up, you can still access the frame size panel, IIRC.  Set that high enough to get a bad latency check which may allow you to change your buffer size as others have reported doing so by getting their computer running at max.  If neither of these help, I'm out of ideas, outside of making a request to support to enable your suggestion above.  Good luck.

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