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Wednesday Dec 9th 7-9pm EST - Problems Abound
(12-10-2020, 04:04 PM)SammerJammer Wrote: Thanks Stuart. We've gone as far as to ensure that there are not devices streaming in any of our homes and even shut off wifi access to our home networks. Sometimes JK works fine and sometimes, more often as of late, it is extremely problematic. The "ghosts of sessions past" artifacts certainly have nothing to do with our home networks. I doubt the the client crashes do either.

Releases sometime appear to be kneejerk reactions to some issue and this haste has been positively identified as the cause for other issues. There have been several releases in the same day. It is quite clear that ability and/or motivation for professional pre-release system testing is limited if exists at all.

Though local topography may have an effect on an individual player at some particular time please do not try to cloud issue with that nebulous catch-all. Some of these issues are certainly errors in the JK platform - a great many of these releases are to address problems and even those only introducing new features often cause problems as well.

Right now people often walk away from a bad session and give up for the day and hope for a better experience next time. Nobody fills in the "How was your session?" prompt and I doubt anyone is reading those on the other other end. I also doubt client crashes are recorded. I believe many have chalked up all these headaches to "growing pains" but it is a different story once we're paying for the service.
Actually they do look at the data from the little Thumbs up/down survey at the end of every session.

Sounds like you've taken necessary steps to ensure your home network is 100% available when using JK. Bravo. That's a step not all of us have taken, myself included, until now. I just provided the information again so others can take some measures that could help.

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