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File Manager Function
(12-09-2020, 11:47 PM)TWDay72 Wrote: One of the more frustrating aspects of JK, for those of us who use the program for recording our sessions is the fact that the File Manager
isn't capable of much file management. A "simple" delete all feature would be terrific, to allow those of us who have taken everything we want from those recording sessions and would like to clear the deck for the next series of recording sessions.

As it is, I guess the only way to clear out months of backlogged discarded, missing, and/or forever pending session tracks is to close our Jamkazam account and start a new one. I have talked to more than a few JK users who do that fairly often. Seems almost like JK is asking people to reconsider their use of the program. Not a great marketing plan.
Have you voiced your concerns to the JK folks at:


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