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Jam Track not saving custom mix
(12-29-2020, 09:09 AM)DanB Wrote: Hi Filoso

I have the same problem, did you resolve it?

Thank you
Hey There,

I think I'm having the same problem. When I create a custom track and try to create it the little red tetris like boxes just keep going and going and the custom track never gets saved. I tried to get some help from JamKazam but since I don't have the appropriate level of member$p I can't get any help. This is not a browser issue as I have tried using different browsers and I'm doing it from my desktop machine. I never experienced this problem in the past. I also still run Windows 7 Professional so it has nothing to do with Windows 8, 10 or even the new V11.

If any of you manage to find out why this is happening please post. I create backing tracks from the FULL jam tracks for me to practice with and if I can't do this then I might as well just use the original music I already have.


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