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Jam Track not saving custom mix - Filoso - 08-19-2020


I am new to Jamkazam and have been trying to export custom mix from Jam Track with no success. I am only wanting to have some tracks slowed down. 
After doing all the process of choosing the tracks to mix and naming the file, a popup window says that it will take about 2 minutes or so and after clicking OK the software doesn't process anything and I just get a triangle with an exclamation icon instead of the folder icon. Clicking on it, the system reports that Custom mix has failed to build and the retry option has no effect either.
Am I missing something?  I am using a Mac with Mojave and I have also tried the iOS version with the same results.



RE: Jam Track not saving custom mix - DanB - 12-29-2020

Hi Filoso

I have the same problem, did you resolve it?

Thank you

RE: Jam Track not saving custom mix - tbone55 - 12-02-2021

(12-29-2020, 09:09 AM)DanB Wrote: Hi Filoso

I have the same problem, did you resolve it?

Thank you
Hey There,

I think I'm having the same problem. When I create a custom track and try to create it the little red tetris like boxes just keep going and going and the custom track never gets saved. I tried to get some help from JamKazam but since I don't have the appropriate level of member$p I can't get any help. This is not a browser issue as I have tried using different browsers and I'm doing it from my desktop machine. I never experienced this problem in the past. I also still run Windows 7 Professional so it has nothing to do with Windows 8, 10 or even the new V11.

If any of you manage to find out why this is happening please post. I create backing tracks from the FULL jam tracks for me to practice with and if I can't do this then I might as well just use the original music I already have.


RE: Jam Track not saving custom mix - stuartpenn@hotmail.co.uk - 02-25-2022

Recording function is not working and JK are not offering a solution yet (they say they are working on it) other than using Pro Audio Mixer.  
Jamtracks are also not working and the response from JK just infers that I'm not using the facility properly.
I suspect their servers are struggling to keep up