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Crackling in headphones
(07-13-2020, 03:09 AM)GDJ Wrote: it's not your headphones. Sounds like you are starting to identify the right place. The booster settings, and bit rate and audio frame. Those are you choices to get rid of the crackling.

Thank you. Ive tried all the variations in the booster to no success. The problem is I cant join a session at 10ms where I finally hear limited crackling. I have to adjust booster to 5ms to be let in, and its more crackle. When I use headphone in M-audio 192/4, I only get out of one headphone side when I make output the same source as input. The m-Audio only has a ¼ inch jack, so I'm forced to use a mini to ¼ jack adapter which is stereo. I keep reading the crackling is a mac core processor and issue with my 2018 MacBook pro, but with the new operating system, there is no longer a core audio I can quit and restart from activity monitor anymore. any other thoughts? Im going to explore sample rates. I noticed in another forum discussion.... - PASTE FROM OTHER DICUSSION--->.."(I think I have a similar problem. Matched my own sample rate with the Mac Audio Midi setup. (Scarlett 2i4) Everything is fine when I play solo. Getting the popping / clicking from my friend's feed; could be mis matched sample rates with them (as mentioned above?) which I will try to fix next time;"........ END). so that being said, it may be sample rates which I cant control in sound booster, and unlike a PC which has ASIO where you can tweak (mac does not). using this mac Midi utility maybe what I need.

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