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MAC Instability - Just Keeps Cra$ng since 6.23 update
Okay... thank you. Good to know. As for myself, I use a bootable SSD for my session. For the most part, the app and my session are stable however from time to time there are unexpected glitches that are intermittent and since the app did not have an active development history for years, my take is, these unexpected glitches are par for the course.  Even with this last update, the other day the audio for my buddy disappeared in one channel. I resyncd, and it was back. We both decided to restart our apps, and had a stable session for 2 hours before we were done.

For my boot SSD, I have a static IP and sometimes I'll even go directly from my Mac to the Modem. It eliminates all other services normally happening at the router level. Not suggesting everyone do this but when I read about all of the Mac issues, and had my own share of problems initially; I noticed things became more stable for me after I started using it. Not perfect, but better. I also have a fair amount of process running in the background with the internal OS.


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