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Help with Jamkazam plugin only working with Input 1
Hello, I currently am using a behringer um2 and have a mic connected to input 1 (XLR) and my guitar going into input 2. The problem I am having is that when I tell jamkazam I only want to use input 2 for the plugin BIAS FX 2, no input is detected in the actual plug in (but I can still hear the raw sound from jamkazam). When I played around with the settings for a bit, I activated both inputs 1 and 2 and when I did that BOTH inputs were utilizing the plug in and I can hear the guitar going through BIAS FX. The problem is I don't want the plug in being used for input 1, as it will just be for chat with my band mates. How can I get jamkazam and bias FX to work for only input 2 of my interface while allowing me to use input 1 for chatting? Thanks!
reconfigure your audio profile so that your guitar input is the primary audio track, then either use your mic as a secondary audio track or make it a chat channel.

For your purposes, it might be best to assign the mic as a chat channel

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