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Beheringer UMC404HD drive shows WDM, not ASIO

I brought a brand new Behringer UMC404HD two days ago, and downloaded the drive from its website. In Jamkazam it shows WDM driver, not ASIO. Is this expected? I use Windows 10 64bit.

Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Re-run the "Audio Gear Setup" process. Oftentimes, the ASIO selection for a device is at the bottom of the "Audio Input Device" pull-down menu, and you may need to scroll (not sure why, maybe the most recently installed device is at the bottom). Also, check to see if the Behringer driver is running on your PC: the "UMC Control Panel" applet should be running in the system tray in the lower right. If it is, go ahead and set the sample rate to 44,100 Hz and the buffer size to the smallest value, with "safe mode" selected. You may have to tweak these settings later, but this should give you the lowest device latency for JamKazam, as long as static, pops and clicks during sessions are minimal. By the way, it's best to make these ASIO setting changes BEFORE launching JamKazam. JamKazam sometimes really struggles "controlling" audio interfaces via their drivers, and I've even had it completely corrupt them to the point that the interface is unusable by other audio programs on the PC. The only solution is completely uninstalling both JamKazam and the device drivers, and starting over. Hopefully you wont have that problem.
Hope this helps
Hi blandis,

Thank you so much for quick reply! It's very helpful. I scrolled down the menu and found the HIDDEN ASIO driver ;-) I also followed your suggestions about the rates. Everything works fine (latency, etc.). I really appreciate your help.

Thanks again.

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