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How can I retain or save plugin settings?
I am looking for a way to retain/safe VST plugin settings between sessions. Does someone know how this can be done?

(My understanding was, that while being in the "audio gear" setup page -> "Update track"-window and defining there the VST settings these would be stored as a basic setting for the sessions. But the settings of the plugin are not being stored. Everytime I join a session they are back to default and have to be re-set. This behaviour of the software makes the VST settings-option in the "audio gear" section kind of obsolete. But maybe it's me and I just don't know how to do it...)
I have had some success with figuring out what the VST's startup or default setting is named, then building/tweaking a setting that I want, and naming it that, overriding the VST default. This is all done within the VST itself, not something JamKazam saves. If this is risky because you use the VST in other programs, you may want to copy the VST to a dedicated location just for JamKazam's use, as typically the files (usually just a [vst_name].dll) are pretty small. Hope this helps

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