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Octacapture interface fails after using Jamkazam!
After my first sessions with Jamkazam, my Roland Octacapture stopped working properly. Switching to my DAW on the same computer, it was also not working correctly. After many attempts to reinstall the Octacapture drivers, I uninstalled Jamkazam completely, but the Octacapture was still FUBAR. At this point I was beginning to think that my computer had somehow gotten a virus or hacked though the Jamkazam program. Either that or the Octacapture had just picked that time to die.  I connected the Octacapture with another computer running the same DAW, and to my surprise everything was fine, so I did a system reset on the first Windows 7 machine. The Octacapture  worked perfectly with the DAW again!  I'm afraid to reinstall Jamkazam and have that happen again, but I really enjoy Jamkazam! Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
Does Roland Octacapture have the same "core" as Roland Studio Capture !?

I have a slight suspicion of it - maybe they use the same driver !? I will found out

I have some recognition issues with Studio Capture and JamKazam

Do you know if the two interfaces are fundamentally similar?

I'm a little desperate - in an optimistic way

Whatever - you can read about it in this link:
Anyone using Roland UA-1610 Studio Capture?
> https://forum.jamkazam.com/showthread.php?tid=461
Thanks for the reply! Yes, I believe the Octacapture and Studio Capture have the same or very similar ASIO drivers. I was getting good 4.8ms latency with the Octacapture until things started acting up.
If I could get a Behringer to use with Jamkazam and use the Octacapture for DAW recording I would, but the most desirable Behringer units are unavailable everywhere!

Was the 4.8ms by the way at buffersize 32 samples?

How does your problem with OctaCapture come to light, more precisely? Like mine?

I have used a Behringer (UMC 404). Windows 7 - latency 4.2. Alright it is. I am considering going back to that, because of that Studio Capture issue.
Sorry, I don't recall the sample settings, but I remember that I set the buffer at minimum to fix nasty audio distortion on the inputs.

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