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Block function must come back! - Quickly! - Need it!
The purpose with a open house party is to meet people and have party.

If in comes people that are destroying that purpose, there is only one answer - and that is OUT

And the organizer of the open house party shall of course have this right to kick people out.

Without mercy.

The only problem is to judge whether that is fair or not.

People can complain as much as they like, of course.

They can write to me or whatever. And I will look at the matter.

The story is no longer - from my point of view

Yes, the now gone block function was controlled by the "Host of the session".

Or rather the "mix controller" - which is the session starter

I am so to speak not "still in the early stages of getting used to each other with Jamkazam".

I know exactly what it is about. I dont need more knowledge/experience

It is exactly like all other places - same, same. No difference.

it is exactly the same ethics that should apply in JamKazam (or at least in "my" sessions) as it should be everywhere else - in short

And I am by the way not starting total open session.

I start session where people can join - if I allow it. And eventually others in the session shall allow it too, of course.

I am of course telling the other people in the session, that a request have arrived. And we decide then together in good order.

And I will of course not let any in that I have bad experiences with.

But else I am letting all people in.

But that can easily go wrong.

And there a block function would sit well

But all that maybe dont matter now.

I have cancelled most of my big plans for JamKazam.

In the future I maybe only will participate rarely and randomly in sessions.

I am simply looking for other options

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