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Block function must come back! - Quickly! - Need it!
I was not aware of the block feature. I can see the point of having it when addressing etiquette issues. I can see from a perspective it defeats the purpose of having an open session to begin with, which assume we also have to tolerate unwanted participants? But then again, I believe everyone should be socially responsible when joining a session. But not everyone is nice or responsible.

There have been times during an open session we have a good thing going and someone joins and abruptly takes over everything with super loud distortion or effects and drums. This reminds me of people who photo-bomb other people’s photo opportunities. Granted we are still in the early stages of getting used to each other with Jamkazam, I agree with the need of Block feature. And maybe the control is given to the Host of the session?

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RE: Block function must come back! - Quickly! - Need it! - by GDJ - 05-12-2020, 07:49 PM

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