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Block function must come back! - Quickly! - Need it!
And then about "The same for people that dont respond to charges"

It all boils down to being about creating and keeping the beat together. Figuratively - out of tempo belongs nowhere.

In all circumstances - without exception.

That is why I am using Jamkazam. Otherwise I do not need JamKazam, of course

No sling in the drum - everyone's whole-hearted effort is required .

Of course, all people can do as they please, so to speak (EXCEPT IN "MY" SESSIONS)

It is not my purpose at all to tell others what to do or not to do, elsewhere.

I speak for my self.

And I want effort and discipline, work and love - nothing less.

Not indifferent people - they are useless. I will not use a second on them - out!

No matter how "good" they are playing - I dont care, it will never be as it should be with indifferent people.

They are impossible to work with.

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