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Metronome issue
I like the metronome and believe, if used properly, it is very helpful to keep players in sync as much as possible.  Jamming yesterday with a fellow in Paris, France (I'm in Oregon) and we played along together nicely.

Anyway, as we were using the metronome it would stop and the metronome window close when someone joined the session.  

Obviously, I would like for that not to happen but also would like that only the person who opened the metronome could close it.  Those that may not want to listen to it could mute it but not accidentally (or otherwise) make it go away for everyone.

JK has a video on their youtube channel about the Distributed Metronome. It's worth watching. I use it from time to time an, it's not perfect.. but it helps - sometimes
The metronome is a good idea, but as often as we experience glitches and dropouts, it's pretty useless without an emphasized "one beat." Of course, if you do that, you'll also have to add time signatures for music that is not 4:4 time, so that's probably on a distant wish list. ;-)
T.W. Day
Red Wing, MN
System: 2009 Mac Pro running OS X 11.11 (stuck here because I don't want to waste money updating beyond Pro Tools 11) with a MOTU Ultralite-mk3 Hybrid interface. I, occasionally, use a Dell Latitude laptop running Windows 10 Pro with the same audio interface.
Without a doubt after many tests using the metronome is the best way to play online with JK! Congratulations!!! Excellent idea !!! Please we very much need all time variations from 40 to 400 BPM. Help .... metronome is the right way to work remotely.

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