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Session Scheduling - Disappearing Sessions
With every JamKazam 'forced' software upgrade previously scheduled sessions disappear
- sessions that were set to occur weekly disappear
- sessions set for a future time disappear

Has anyone else experienced these (relatively minor) problems?
Does anyone have any tips to solve this?

Also, does anyone have any tips for session creations from an existing session: i.e. copying all of the session parameters to quickly create a new session?

Cheers, Lex
I have this problem all the time! Seems like such an easy fix for JK.
Same problem here.
Every time a I schedule a TBD session, it disappears after a while (sometimes few hours, others few days).

The funny is that I've a scheduled session shown in the featured sessions but not shown within the upcoming sessions.
The bad is that it deletes all the approved RVP so you have to start again from scratch.
I was hoping that with the current release this bug would be fixed but, no...
So, this problem of 'Disappearing Sessions' is annoying and should be fixed ASAP - please!

He is a summary for J-K developers:
  • it takes considerable time and effort to schedule a session (entering all the variables)
  • it is particularly annoying entering instruments and musician$p levels (due to a very small selection window that does not scroll with selections)
  • once the session is published and set to recur weekly, we produce a sigh of relief!
  • so, imagine the frustration when after another J-K software upgrade that the session vanishes

  • a useful feature suggestion may be to remove a recurring session if it was not 'used' say 3 times in a row
  • otherwise the session should remain, it's just too long and laborious to have to re-enter it over and over again...
Please J-K fix this soon.
Many J-K users are thanking you in advance!
Checking the "recurring" box doesn't seem to make a session stick. I scheduled a session, checked the box, but once the first one is over, it's gone. ( no application update involed)
Using Line 6 Helix or Roland Session Mixer as audio interface

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