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White screen solved
My system is a Windows 10 based engineering workstation. I had working video until about a week ago, but following an update to JK my video feed stopped working. While the light on my camera was on, my video window was white and blank, connected users saw my video as black.

I tried pausing virus protection. This restored video, and confirmed that the problem was in my virus protection settings.

The problem was caused by my virus protection software not recognizing JamKazam as a safe program. This causes the virus protection, in my case Kaspersky, to prohibit access to the computer's camera and audio. (Audio in this case would be the sound card, which i don't use.) Reclassifying JamKazam as trusted in Kaspersky solved the problem. It is possible that i will have to repeat this next time an update installs.

I hope this is helpful.

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