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JK only finds so many VST plug-ins many missing
How many plug-ins can the program find? I have many of them and only so many show up. Also if I try to load an instrument it only seems to be finding VST audio plug-ins NOT and VST guitar amp plug-ins. I do understand that I can only use 32bit plug-ins. I am running Windows 10 64 bit with all updates. Can anybody shed any light for me? Thanks
Hi Mark,
I don't know if JamKazam's VST scanning is as capable and comprehensive as what we expect in DAWs (multiple folders, etc). Since I use JK for jamming, and therefore my audio track setup doesn't really change that much, I deliberately place the few VSTs I use in JK in one folder, even if that means I have a 2nd copy of it on my hard drive just for JK. And you are correct: 32-bit only. I had started removing all of the 32-bit versions of my VSTs just so they're not listed twice in my DAW, but JK has forced me to re-load some of them, but I really only use a reverb for vocals, a free bass amp sim, and Overloud TH3 (or I plug my PodHD500X into an audio track & just use that)
As for guitar amp sims, it's also a little different than DAWs. Your electric guitar is an audio track, with the amp sim (Positive Grid FX, Overloud TH3, Amplitube, Guitar Rig, Helix Native, etc) loaded as a regular VST. Some DAWs treat those plug-ins as VSTi instruments, with an audio input, but JK just sees them like a regular VST, like a reverb.
Hope this helps

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