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How do I record a second track in an existing session?
I know yours was the same. Just not sure that the OP realised. Ah. I wondered why I was suddenly WAV files. I haven't changed a setting that I know of. Ok I understand now. During the time of recording the WAV file is there afterwards it reverts to a compresssed ogg file UNLESS the keep uncompressed is ticked. Makes sense. I played in a session with someone and dodn't know why they had wav files and I didn't!
Yes, I know you know, so to speak

It was more to fully support your elaborate explanation - and make it quite clear that it is not in any way contrary to my remark.

The server mixing proces dont start before you leave session.

Untill you leave you can just copy the relevant folder.

That way you will get excactly the same result - as ticking the "Keep Uncompr...".

You will then get the original wav files.

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