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Voxengo VST Installed but cant hear
Running on a Mac Book Pro.
Installed Voxengo VST per instructions.  Dropped the VST into the Plug In Folder in the Library\audio folder
When I go to the configure Audio Gear on JamKazam, I can see the plug in when I run the scan and I am able to select the Voxengo plug in.  I am even able to see the Amp Simulator when I click on the settings button on JamKazam.  However, my guitar does not sound any different as if the Sim is not running.  
I am using a Focusrite Scarlet Solo Gen 3 that has 2 inputs, one for the microphone; port Left and one for the guitar-port right

When I use Amplittube plug I am able to get it to work however I need to activate the plug in on the microphone input-port left.  Does not work when I activate the the plug in on the right input for the Guitar.

Any ideas?

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