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Can you publish a list of the prioritized fixes and features you're working on?
Most development projects these days have some sort of backlog where the items to be worked on (bugs to be fixed and features to be added) are prioritized and the process becomes a little more transparent for interested parties (stakeholders, clients, etc.)

Could you publish this sort of information? It might help alleviate some of the grumbling about things if you're actively working on it, and would allow instead for grumbling about the things you chose not work on.
Very good question or proposal

There is in fact some information available about it that just need to be collected and published.

Here for example:

But also elsewhere - also here in forum, spread all over the place.

And - in my head
I'm really talking about things in a more specific nature. Things like "fix session attachment problem" and addressing specific bugs so that people know they are being worked on and don't keep reporting the same problem.
(05-02-2020, 05:40 PM)Hans Peter Augustesen Wrote: ...ditto...

A list of bug fixes and new features will provide a degree of confidence to users - and a track record for developers.
There are a way too many software updates, happening on a daily basis.  It would be good assume that they are improving JamKazam but, without any idea of what these software updates represent, users will start wondering: "why so many"!

Right now with social restrictions in place and JamKAzam user base expanded, there is a lot of good will for the program to succeed.  But once social restrictions are eased, and unless a sense of confidence of the user community is maintained there will be a big churn.  I for one do not want to see it. 
So please, document these software changes/upgrades. Make them count!
Chiming in here..

I think under the current circumstances, the closest inside information about what development is focusing on can be found on their gofundme page. https://www.gofundme.com/f/cy2fsq-keep-j...-improving

It gives a good overview about the challenges they face and what they would like to prioritize.

Personally, the most important aspect of online jamming I would like to see is too always address internet latency. And it looks like this is the priority. Otherwise, as for all the bells and whistles and social network integration features on JamKazam, they work well enough for me and can be fine tuned down the road.

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