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JamBlaster support is discontinued (per an email from Jamkazam support)
I'm new to JK and was hoping the JamBlaster would be a good solution for my students. Disappointing to see the rescinding of support for it. I saw some were getting great latency times with the Behringer umc404HD. I don't need anything that sophisticated for what I do? Any suggestions as to a less complex AI that might get good latency results?
Thanks in advance
Re "I saw some were getting great latency times with the Behringer umc404HD" .
I agree it is possible to get good latency without resorting to JamBlaster. To my mind the value of the JamBlaster is it's ease of use for non-technical people. I suspect there are a lot of musicians out there who would use Jamkazam (or Jamulus) but are put off because it is too complicated to set-up/use.
Grr. Irritated. Apparently absolutely useless purchase.

People say it can be used as a standard interface -- how? It has USB A ports, not USB B.
this thread should be a sticky, FAQ, or whatever

Sorry folks, but the internet is full of lies and one of them is that the Jamblaster will work as an audio interface for a PC (Mac/Linux/Windoze/POSIX/etc).

It Never did, It Never will.

Hopefully soon this particular scam will die off (to be replaced by something else, I'm sure)

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