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Solution for the Focusrite Scarlet Solo V3

After looking at expensive vendor software solutions, I went back to basics. Focusrite gives two tools to work with their device, Mixing/Routing Control and Settings. From observation, Settings is dependent on the decisions made on Mixing/Routing Control. The configuration options of Sample Rate under Mixing/Routing Control are:

All values are in HZ.

I chose 96000 or 2 x 48000. After my decision, JamKazam and the Focusrite Scarlet Solo V3 working in harmony. JamKazam stopped changeing the buffer size to its thinking. The JamKazam latency dropped to 5ms. Focusrite USB driver stopped BSOD when changing the buffer size beyond JamKazam's expected value. Buffer size is comfortably at 96 with Sample rate at 96000.  JamKazam is no longer complaining.

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Solution for the Focusrite Scarlet Solo V3 - by AradoJam - 04-27-2020, 11:20 AM

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