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Severe I/O problems
I’m using an ESI UGM96 on one 10 year old HP Business Windows 10 laptop (Intel i3) with no problems (stable 4.4ms) but I tried to install it on a Dell Latitude E6410 (Intel i5) of about the same age I can never get it to pass the setup stage. I’ve tried different samples and buffer sizes and the slow medium and fast options JK gives you. The latency is quite low, starting around 2.7ms but no matter what I do I get I/O fails and error messages that the computer stopped communicating with the ESI, and something like “audio initialization failed.” I tried with the Dell on Win 7 an then updated to 10, same deal. I’ve also had a couple shutdowns and one BSOD. FWIW the Dell is Win10 Pro.

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